American & Indiana Artist Auction

Public Auction of Indiana & American Artwork
Sunday, November 17th at 1:00pm
Previews: Friday, November 15th from 1-6pm, open at 11:00am day of the auction.
Location: 617 E. North St., Indianapolis, IN 46204
Directions:  Easy access off I-70, from Monument Circle go 6 blocks north on Meridian, then 6 blocks east to “Arch at Chatham”, 1/2 block west of College

INDIANA and AMERICAN ARTISTS featured: Wayman Adams, Ruth Anderson, George Baum, Gustave Baumann, Robert Berkshire, Riley Bertram, C. Curry Bohm, Louis W. Bonsib, Beulah Brown, Francis F. Brown, Edmund  Brucker, E. L. Bryant, June Burkholder, Ruthven H. Byrum, V.J. Cariani, Paul Conner, Ralph Craig, Harry A. Davis, Homer G. Davisson, Charles Dahlgreen, Orrin Draver, James Eccles, Ron Elkins, Espenlaub, Walter E. Eyden, W. A. Eyden, Gordon W. Fiscus,  Hazel Craig Fowler, Carl Graf, Genevieve Goth Graf, L.O. Griffith, Hartley, B. Hatton, Glen Cooper Henshaw, W.H. Hopper, Reba Hummel, Art Humpal, Harriet Jefferies, Jessamine Johnson, Al LaToor, Ethel Lomasney, Carl Lotick, J. P. Marsh, Evelyn McConnell, Gordon Benjamin Mess, Jane Messick, Thad Miller, Alfred Montgomery, Grace Leslie Motz, Nancy Noel, Maurice F. Perrot,  Grace S. Pettijohn,  Frederick Polley, Kaye Pool,  Paul Randall,  Frederick W. Rigley, Jacob Royer, James Russell, Sister Mary Rufina, Dorothy Schiller, Robert Selby, Reynolds L. Selfridge, Alberta R. Shulz, Adolph R. Shulz, Edward R. Sitzman,  Derk Smit, William McKendreee Snyder, Otto Stark,  C. W. Staley, Dwight Steinbarger, Harry R. Townsend, Louis C. Vogt, Mabel Mikel Williams,  Helen Woodward, John Zwara and others artists.  We will be selling second session of the Ron Elkins estate, to include:  30 works, art supplies, frames & art book collection!

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          Terms:  Cash, Check with ID, Credit Card 10% Buyer’s Premium 7% Indiana State Sales Tax

Auctioneers: Bryan Jackson, CAI/CES/GPPA-d, Dennis Jackson, CAI/CES/AARE, Michele Jackson, CAI & Travis Wilson, GPPA-d

“America’s Premiere Auctioneers of Indiana Art!”

Call Bryan (317) 340-1604 or Dennis (317) 797-2117 with any questions or if you have high end artwork that you might consider selling at public auction.

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