Live Auctions How To Bid


You will need to register at the auction with government photo identification. You will then be given a bid number which you will use to bid on your desired items.


An item will be displayed at the auction and the auctioneer will ask a price; if you are willing to give that price, then raise your bid number. The auctioneer will acknowledge your bid and ask for the next highest bid from those attending the auction. If another bidder then bids, you will be given an opportunity to bid again. If you are the highest and final bidder, you have successfully purchased the item. The final bidder has entered into a legal contract for the purchase of the item upon completion of the bidding for that item (when the auctioneer says "sold"). When you are done bidding on all your items, you will need to pay your bill at the cashier.

Payment Options

You may pay with check (pre-approved), cash or credit card (only at auctions held in our auction showroom). You must pay the day of the auction and prior to removing your items from the showroom. Jacksons Auction Company charges a 10% buyer's premium on top of the final bid (see buyer's premium). The State of Indiana does not require sales tax at on-location estate sale auctions, but it is required at most of our showroom auctions.

Dennis and Bryan Jackson auctioning great antiques and Indiana art